At the intersection of culture and the Caribbean, jungle and reef, there is a country and its spoils, waiting to be discovered. Owning a second home has never been so rewarding.

Discover Belize

Why Belize?

A country filled with contrast, a playground for the curious.

Whether your passions favor adventure or relaxation, the unspoiled terrain of Belize has something for everyone. The interior of the country is home to those seeking the thrill of touring the ancient Mayan ruins and wandering the canopied jungles; while on the coast, you’ll witness tranquil views of our crystal oceans and pristine beaches.

As the only English speaking country in Latin America, and the only country that is part of both Caribbean and Central American economic communities, Belize shines in its unique geographic and cultural identity.  You won’t find any corporate brands: no Starbucks, no Marriott. Instead you will find character and adventure. Bursting with history, culture and nature, this wonderfully kept secret has it all; the only thing missing is you.


Belize is home to over 900 known Maya Sites, with many more to be discovered.

ATM Cave in Belize

While Belize is filled with culture, beauty and character, it also offers a tremendous amount of favorable benefits for visitors and home buyers.

Bike Riding in Placencia, Belize

A Wealth of Incentives

The perfect escape

Filled with incentives; such as the comfort of a safe and stable government, British Contract Law, Freehold Titles, offshore banking, and a favorable tax environment, Belize is the perfect haven for anyone looking to escape.

Benefitting from the lower cost base of Central America, Belize offers a lower price-point than traditional Caribbean destinations, yet with so much more to offer. Belize offers a healthy airlift, allowing you to chase the sun at any given moment with non-stop flights from many major US and international airports. Widely earmarked as the next great destination, tourism has been growing at an increasing rate.


As a former British colony, English is the official language of Belize.

The Town of Placencia, Belize

Placencia town

This is coconut country

Itz’ana is located in the beautiful town of Placencia.  Nestled between the sea and lagoon, you’ll find a world of unspoiled wanderlust. Offering beaches, reefs and islands to rivers, jungles and caves, it is likely that subsequent vacations will pale in comparison.

With its central location you’ll find yourself moments from both the reef and jungle so that no matter your state of mind, our hidden gem will satisfy. Placencia is known as a culinary haven with some of the best and most diverse food in the country.

Ice Cream in Placencia, Belize

Style & Substance

Rich culinary options and infrastructure upgrades

In true Belize style, the offers encompass lots of surprises with everything from gelato and coffee to dim sum and indian food on offer. Add in some great wine bars and some rustic beach bars, and there are plenty of ways to while away the sunny days.

Placencia also boasts a number of recent infrastructural upgrades, and now offers the cleanest water and the best roads in the country. A perfect mixture of style and substance, Placencia delivers in all the important categories.